The rehearsal

"The Stage" is everything.

How was your last presentation in the team meeting? Did you receive feedback? From your colleagues or boss? And how did it go with the customer? Were you able to impress them with inspiration, commitment, passion and authenticity? This is our daily "stage" on which we are visible and perceived. Here, we promote ourselves for the next career step, expand our network - provide pure content marketing for ourselves and the company. 


The set-up

  • You will give your presentation in 20 minutes
  • in front of a small audience (up to 10 participants)
  • in a "safe room" with immediate feedback
  • with video recording for detailed analysis
  • and inspiration from keynote speakers experienced in teaching and technologies

A one-day REHEARSAL makes all the difference: You professionalize your appearance, strengthen your presence and become a corporate ambassador. An innovative format – Designed to make you successful on the stage and thus in your career as well.  

Performance = Training + Feedback 

At the REHEARSAL, we work together with others who want to develop and successfully improve their performance as well - also for the "big stage".  We experience impressive development every time through the empathic feedback of the other participants and experienced professionals, who watch and listen completely unprejudiced. You will be able to unlock your potentials and directly implement inspiring impulses.


We look forward to your presentation:


On  March 20th, 2018 in Munich