Innovational Leadership Workshop

"Change starts with the leader"

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Pit stop for executives

The "Leadership Development" workshop is the pit stop for executives. Peer coaching defines and processes personal and professional goals as well as current challenges in the company. Our workshop leaders have leadership experience, everyday business know-how and offer feedback on equal footing. 


Leader or follower?                                        

An authentic attitude with a focus on clear goals and valued communication determines the effectiveness of leadership and leads to credibility and sustainability. This involves the alignment of long-term personal and professional goals and current challenges. In addition, strategies for personal brand building are presented.


The next Innovational Leadership Workshop:

on June 7th (evening), 8th and 9th in Marrakesh


  • Exclusive participant group of a maximum of 20 successful professionals
  • An evening and a day of peer coaching and personal brand building
  • Everyone brings a challenge about which he/she wants to receive feedback
  • A safe and respectful environment
  • Innovative and praxis oriented format

Benefits for the company

  • Impulse on C-level from outside of the company
  • Providing employees with a network on equal footing
  • Exchange ideas with executives from other top companies, expand network
  • Participants are motivated and thus their teams are motivated as well.
  • Hands-on learning of peer coaching (coaching each other)